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Burwash Sunset

Taken from the church looking over the valley


Jack and Jill

A couple of beauties up on the Downs today!  Jill is the white mill which is still running thanks to the charity that maintains it – please be sure to donate to keep it free of charge for everyone!  Don’t forget to stroll across the Downs as well (or go for an arduous walk/run/cycle if that’s your style).

For further info: http://www.jillwindmill.org.uk/

Wedding dress fest

Burwash church gave the ladies of the village a chance to get their wedding dresses out of mothballs and the church was a beautiful backdrop for them – some dating back over 100 years and one that had been worn by four generations of brides – amazing that they were all exactly the same size!

Shoreham to St Botolphs

Distance – about 5 miles straight along the Adur river bank.  Time – about 1 hour and a half at dawdling speed, allowing time for photos and looking at the very small church at St Botolphs (small but perfectly formed!).

DSC01536  DSC01532  DSC01539

I parked just under Lancing College and walked on a slightly blustery day.  The college chapel dominates the view looking back, planes fly overhead from the airport, the decimated ruins of the factory are on the right and Passie’s Pond are Coombes are on the left. imageI feel we should start a campaign to do something with the factory and turn it into a gorgeous eco-friendly nature centre with something for the walkers, something for the cyclists, something for the birdwatchers and an amazing pub of course!  They could turn the chimney into a observation point with lift.  There could be varying levels of accommodation to suit all – the hostel for the back packers up to the boutique hotel rooms for those looking for a romantic getaway.


It’s surrounded by beautiful chalk hills, the Adur, Bramber, Steyning and Shoreham so would suit for historians, nature-lovers and activity fiends!  There would also be hides to watch the nature; bicycle repair points; wellington boot hire; canoe hire; a fabulous restaurant on top to watch the sun go down over the Downs!  Sounds fab to me!  (And it wouldn’t be an eye-sore on the countryside any longer!).